Mental health resources to prevent mid-semester crisis

Recent research indicates that students have been among the hardest hit by the pandemic. Halfway through the semester, students may find themselves continuing to adjust to college life, changing restrictions and challenging classes. The University of Hawaii at the Mānoa Student Counseling and Development Center (CSDC) reminds students of free mental health resources on the Mānoa campus.

During the remainder of the fall semester, uh Mānoa students can register online for free interactive and educational self-help workshops focused on practical tips for maintaining mental and physical well-being. Workshops cover topics such as developing healthy sleep routines, cultivating mindfulness, and managing stress.

“As a graduate student, the struggle to take care of yourself is real,” said Breanna Komata Agasa uh Graduate student from Mānoa and CSDC peer colleague. “Through these workshops, I realized that self-care is more than just putting on a face mask and calling it a night; rather, it is the active creation of habits that make life enjoyable.

Earlier in the semester, CSDC hosted a series of walk-in virtual support spaces. The hour-long group sessions allowed students of diverse identities (such as student-athletes, on-campus residents, international students, LGBTQ+) to meet and share their experiences virtually via Zoom.

Range of online options

Free mental health services via Zoom are still available, including brief solution-focused individual, couples, group and career counselling. The center can also provide crisis services for students in need of immediate mental health support. Students currently enrolled in uh Mānoa and located in the state of Hawaii are eligible for benefits. For those who are not part of the state, CSDC can help connect them with mental health resources in their area. Interested students should call (808) 956-7927 to schedule a brief initial telephone appointment with a CSDC advise who can put them in touch with the most appropriate service.

Faculty and staff can also access the expertise and support of mental health specialists at CSDC. uh Mānoa faculty and staff are encouraged to contact CSDC on how to direct students to appropriate resources or organize thematic training opportunities for their departments. the CSDC also offers everything uh Mānoa faculty, staff and students have free access to Kognito, an online training program that teaches the skills to communicate with others about mental health issues and motivate them to seek help when needed. of need.

“We want all members of our university ʻohana to feel seen and able to support each other in these difficult times. noted CSDC Psychologist Alexandre Khaddouma. “Now is a great time for everyone in our University community to learn how to take better care of ourselves and others. The education and training programs offered by the CSDC can help.”

CSDC has adjusted services for students and is set up for urgent one-to-one crises and walk-in appointments (with adjustments to account for physical distancing), brief solution-focused counseling via Zoom, and telephone consultations. The center asks students to call to schedule an appointment before showing up for a walk-in appointment. The staff will help you arrange the appropriate services. If students are unable to connect with counseling services through CSDCcounselors can help with referrals to external resources.

Faculty and staff can contact the uh Employee Assistance Program for counseling services through Pacific Employee Assistance.

This program is an example of uh Mānoa’s goal of improving student achievement (PDF), one of the four objectives defined in the Strategic Plan 2015-2025 (PDF), updated December 2020.

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