Shepparton council seeks input on health planning

Get well: Greater Shepparton City Council calls for community input on public health planning. Photo by Megan Fisher

Greater Shepparton City Council partnered with VicHealth to shape the community’s public health plan for 2021-2025, with input from young people.

“Council would like to know what health or social issues young people are most concerned about and what changes will make Greater Shepparton a livable city now and in the future,” said council Community Director Kaye Thomson.

“You may also have an area of ​​interest that you’re really passionate about, so tell us about that too.”

There is now a youth section on the Shaping Greater Shepp website that young people can use to have their ideas included in the Public Health and Wellbeing Action and Implementation Plan.

There are activity sheets for all ages that can be guided by teachers or parents. There is a survey that can be completed, and community members can chat with someone from the Council’s Health and Wellness Advisory Committee by phone or email.

This public health plan is part of the council’s long-term public health strategy which covers 2018-28.

Planning uses local health indicators and community contributions to prevent disease and health problems.

Public health and wellness matters are overseen by the council’s Public Health and Wellness Advisory Committee, made up of community and organization members.

“We recognize that youth engagement and partnerships make a real difference, in identifying solutions and achieving better results,” said Ms. Thomson.

“It’s more than a life free of illness and disease, it’s our ability to access a good education, to work, to play and to connect with our community.”

The council’s plan incorporated public health and welfare issues when it was formed in October 2021.

When a new council is elected, the council plan is written and governs the issues to be covered during the four-year term.

Public health planning for Greater Shepparton is carried out and reported at three levels to meet the legal requirements of the Public Health and Welfare Act 2008 and the Local Government Act 2020.

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