Zuni Comprehensive Community Health Center (Indian Health Service)

The Zuni Comprehensive Health Center is an Indian health services facility located in Pueblo de Zuni, New Mexico. Photo: Indian health service

Zuni Comprehensive Community Health Center Implements Crisis Care Standards

January 6, 2022

Source: Zuni-Ramah Service Unit / Indian Health Service

The Zuni Comprehensive Community Health Center (ZCCHC) is implementing crisis care standards due to high patient volume and understaffing. The nationwide nursing shortage and COVID-19 health care crisis have resulted in full hospitals in the South West. It also made transferring patients to other facilities extremely difficult. As a result, existing resources at ZCCHC are under

All ZCCHC departments will continue their activities; however, there may be some changes. Outpatient clinics can be conducted over the phone rather than in person. Some visits may need to be rescheduled. Dental, optometry, physiotherapy and podiatry services will continue to receive patients. If your appointment is changed to a telephone visit, we will contact you at least one day before your appointment to inform you of this change. If you don’t hear from us, your appointment will be in person.

The emergency department and urgent care will continue to offer 24-hour services. However, patients may continue to experience longer wait times. ZCCHC is committed to providing excellent health care despite current limitations. We will provide updates as they become available.

The healthcare system in the United States is extremely strained. Please continue to do your part to keep yourself and others safe: get a COVID vaccine and flu shot, get your COVID booster when eligible, use masks indoors, and socially distance when you are with others

Thank you.

Jean Othole, CEO
Zuni IHS Hospital

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