Alliance for Health Equity Launches Health Resources to Support Greater Coatesville Residents

Image via Alliance for Health Equity.

The Alliance for Health Equity, in conjunction with the Greater Coatesville Hospital Closure Group and partial funding from the Chester County Health Department, has released health education materials for residents of Greater Coatesville on where to get care, where to find a doctor or medical home, and where to find free or low-cost health insurance and discounts.

The goal is to disseminate information to the Greater Coatesville community about where youth, adults and families can receive health services following recent hospital closures which have increased inequities and inaccessibility of Health care.

The health education materials, offered in English and Spanish, were created by the Greater Coatesville Hospital Closure Group and are comprised of 20 local and county organizations that develop strategies to reduce health care inequities, minimize disruption of health services in the region. and build an integrated health system for all.

All materials are accessible here.

Darshana Shyamsunder, chair of the Education and Advocacy health group and senior director of community impact services at United Way of Chester County, said, “These educational efforts are just the first step in helping Greater Coatesville residents find the most appropriate care for minors. , urgent and long-term health needs, where to find a doctor or medical home regardless of health insurance, and where to apply for free or low-cost health insurance and discounts on primary preventive care, prescriptions for brand, dental and retail clinic visits.

The Greater Coatesville Hospital Closure Group is learning from Greater Coatesville community residents through a community survey to better understand how current and future healthcare needs have changed as a result of the recent hospital closings.

Jeanne Franklin, director of the Chester County Health Department, said, “We look forward to the results of the community survey to help our health department staff and future hospital owners understand the needs residents’ priority health care needs, as well as recommendations that will support an equitable healthcare system for all.

Nicholas Torres, COO and incoming interim CEO of the Alliance for Health Equity, said, “The Alliance remains committed to an equitable, integrated Greater Coatesville health system and will continue to provide the infrastructure needed to support the Greater Coatesville Hospital Closure Group, support ongoing education and advocacy for residents, and allocate resources to close gaps in access to essential health care.”

The Alliance will convene community residents at its upcoming Let’s Talk: Community Healthcare Town Hall in September, focused on co-designing solutions with residents of Greater Coatesville based on the findings and recommendations of the survey on community health.

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