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Open registration for 2023 begins November 16 for new and returning students. No worries, there’s more help available, as enhanced insurance assistance is available for 2023 coverage.

During the Covid-19 public health emergency, New York State automatically extended Medicaid, Child Health Plus, and Essential Plan cases for an additional 12 months of coverage. They can continue with these expansions, but it won’t be confirmed until November 15th. Please check your state emails or contact your insurer after this date to answer your questions and provide additional information if needed.

“NY State of Health continues to be an essential resource throughout the Covid-19 public health emergency, providing more than 6.7 million New Yorkers with comprehensive and affordable coverage,” said the director. NY State of Health Executive Danielle Holahan.

You can now benefit from updates to state insurance programs.

Income levels have increased, so you can now qualify for a state-based program like the Essential Plan. Medicaid eligibility has also increased. Visit the NY State of Health website at for more information.

Why should you enroll in a health plan through NY State of Health?

There are many reasons to get health insurance, and NY State of Health makes it easy to buy and sign up for comprehensive, inexpensive coverage. There are many health plans to choose from. You can get help from a trained assistant at Finger Lakes Community Health. Additionally, you may be eligible for free coverage or assistance paying for your coverage.

When can I register?

Enrollment depends on the program you are eligible for, which is based on age, income, and other factors. Enrollment is open year-round if you are eligible for Medicaid, Child Health Plus, or Essential Plan. Alternatively, you can enroll in a qualified health plan during the annual open enrollment period which continues through January 31, 2023. If you would like your insurance coverage to begin on January 1, you must submit your information before on December 15, 2022. .

How will I know which program I am entitled to?

There are three easy ways to find out if you qualify for health coverage:

• Apply online at

• Call the Customer Service Center at 1-855-355-5777.

• Prefer to meet in person? We have FLCH-trained insurance assistants, and some are bilingual, or a translator can be made available to meet the needs of the claimant.

Signing up just got easier, but ask for help if you need it.

FLCH has been helping New Yorkers obtain health insurance since the 1980s. FLCH’s insurance assistants will guide you through the health insurance enrollment process from start to finish.

Signing up for insurance can be complicated and frustrating, why not let the assistants break down those barriers and help you through the process? The best part is that there is no cost for this support – that’s right, it’s free. Our assistants follow our company motto: “Make time to care”.

To speak with an insurance assistant, call the FLCH administrative offices at 315-531-9102. Our staff will direct you to an assistant in your area and help you schedule an appointment to meet with them. Or, you can call 1-800-346-2211 and they will connect you with one of our assistants.

Tiffany Philip Speicher is the Financial Advocacy Program Manager for Finger Lakes Community Health.

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