Arkansas Community Health Centers Choose HealthTalk AI for Patient Engagement

We needed a partner who really understands the challenges faced by health centers. – Dr. Kellee Farris, CHCA Steering Committee Chair and CEO of Lee County Cooperative Clinic

HealthTalk AI, leader patient engagement companytoday announced that it has been selected as a provider of choice for patient engagement by Community Health Centers of Arkansas (CHCA).

CHCA is a Primary Care Association (PCA) that provides advocacy, education, and support services to Community Health Centers (CHCs) located throughout Arkansas. This partnership will provide privileged access to the HealthTalk AI platform, helping CHCA member health centers improve access to care and reduce health disparities for underserved Arkansans.

“We needed a partner who truly understands the challenges facing health centers,” said Dr. Kellee Farris, CHCA Steering Committee Chair and CEO of the Lee County Cooperative Clinic. “HealthTalk AI has a proven track record working with CHCs and provides a flexible solution designed for today’s healthcare consumer. We are confident that the HealthTalk AI platform will help our members expand access, close more gaps in care, and improve the patient experience for the unique communities they serve.

HealthTalk AI was created to change the way patients and providers connect. Their patient engagement platform helps healthcare organizations improve quality by spreading awareness and scheduling meetings with the appropriate resource. The ability to aggregate data and provide actionable insights makes it an excellent choice for PCAs or Health Center Controlled Networks (HCCNs) looking to implement a state-level program.

“We are thrilled to have been selected by CHCA and are excited to get to work,” said Jerrod Ullah, CEO and Founder of HealthTalk AI. “CHCs play a critical role in delivering equitable care to underserved communities, enabling us to move forward with our mission to expand access to all patients, regardless of background or gender. language.

About Arkansas Community Health Centers:

Community Health Centers of Arkansas (CHCA) provides advocacy, training, and support services to 12 CHC organizations and their more than 190 service locations. To learn more about CHCA, visit

About HealthTalk AI:

HealthTalk AI helps healthcare providers improve access to care and respond like never before. Their fully automated omnichannel platform offers user-friendly communication with messages and rules configured by each healthcare organization. This gives providers the opportunity to engage their entire population and close the loop with customer recovery actions and clinical encounters. To learn more, visit look this video to see how HealthTalk AI supports health centers. Follow HealthTalk AI on LinkedIn.

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