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U.S. Representative Cindy Axne has secured $10 million in funding for a series of projects in Iowa’s 3rd congressional district, which covers Des Moines and southwestern Iowa.

During an event at Primary Health Care Inc. in Des Moines on Tuesday, Axne, Iowa’s only federal Democrat, shared some updates on those projects.

Some examples included replacing a bridge in Warren County, helping daycare centers in Stanton and Mount Ayr, building a pedestrian bridge in Des Moines, and providing resources to Des Moines International Airport. .

Primary Health Care, a community care provider, received money to purchase dental equipment to improve dental services for low-income people in the city.

“Community projects are meant to really meet local needs, and nonprofits are the perfect place for funding,” Axne said. “These people can ask for money for projects, they can ask for money for upgrades, a lot of things that they couldn’t afford. And now we’re going to have a chance to fulfill those resources that they couldn’t get in the past.

The clinic began updating and renovating in anticipation of equipment. Primary healthcare expects all necessities to be covered in two to three months depending on shipping times.

While touring the clinic, Axne also listened to concerns about Medicaid reimbursement for dental services and the clinic’s need for staffing resources.

Dr. Taylor Postler, dental program director, told the story of a man they helped a few months ago who came in with a toothache.

During the appointment, they also discovered that he had high blood pressure and was struggling with sobriety.

“That day we were not only able to address his dental pain, but we were able to schedule him with a primary care provider to address some of his other concerns,” Postler said.

And it all helped. The next time she saw him, everything was different.

“Not only was her dental pain resolved, but the doctor put her on blood pressure medication and her chronic headaches were gone,” she said. “He was also now receiving psychological support to help him maintain his sobriety.”

Primary Health Care CEO Kelly Huntsman said the money would help increase access to care in an underfunded community. She thanked Axne and his team for listening whenever people at the clinic reached out.

“You always answered,” Huntsman said. “You are always ready to listen and always ready to act. So we sincerely appreciate all you have done and all your team has done to support us.

Nine of Axne’s 10 project applications were funded. Soon it will be accepting additional open submissions for another round of funding.

The full list of projects and their details can be found here.

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