Commissioners approve nearly $1.4 million in grants for Community Health Partners

The Franklin County Board of Commissioners last week approved six Community Partnership Grants for local health agencies. The grants will be issued by the commissioners under the Community Partnership Program, which oversees grants to various local organizations ensuring that the funding will help communities grow economically.

Board of Commissioners Chair Erica C. Crawley said families struggle to access affordable, high-quality health care, leading to outcomes such as shorter life expectancies and lower rates. higher rates of life-threatening long-term illnesses.

“With these grants, we are partnering with organizations that not only provide our residents with exceptional care, but also have a strong commitment to health equity,” Crawley said. “Thanks to their dedication to breaking down structural barriers to health care, more Franklin County residents can thrive.”

Local agencies receiving grants include Charitable Pharmacy, Children’s Hunger Alliance, Physicians CareConnection, PrimaryOne Health, Mobile Disability Resource Center, and Cancer Support Community of Central Ohio.

Each agency identified in its application the ways in which the funding would help them serve underserved minority communities and the positive outcomes they hope to achieve.

In 2020, the council declared racism its own public health crisis. These grants support the Commissioner’s Equity Initiatives, funding agencies that will provide access to equitable health care for low-income residents of Franklin County.

“Every family shouldn’t be worried about not being able to afford the medical care they need, no matter how wealthy they are or what neighborhood they live in,” Commissioner Kevin L. Boyce said. “By dedicating these resources to this effort, we are working towards that goal.”

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