Community Health Center to open at Randolph High

RANDOLPH (WBZNewsRadio) – U.S. Representative Ayanna Pressley traveled to Randolph on Wednesday to announce a $1 million federal grant to build a community health center at Randolph High School.

The congresswoman said the center would help reduce the barriers some Randolph residents face with health services and support an equitable recovery from the pandemic for the city.

“Randolph experienced a shortage of health services before COVID,” Pressley said.

Currently, Randolph does not have a pediatrician working within the city limits, according to Michelle Tyler, Randolph’s planning director.

“Randolph is state-listed as an underserved population for the health services period. Not limited to pediatric patients but also adults.” Tyler told WBZ’s Chris Fama.

The center will focus on services for young residents aged 3 to 24 and their families. It will provide services such as routine physical exams, vaccinations and mental health services, as well as working with other providers to arrange more specialized appointments.

The clinic will be operated by Codman Square Community Health Center in Dorchester, which already provides medical care to nearly 4,500 Randolph residents. Staff will include a nurse practitioner, mental health clinicians and medical assistants.

Randolph School Superintendent Thea Stovell said the center will provide resources for families and mean students will miss less class time for health reasons, which could ultimately lead to better academic performance.

WBZ’s Chris Fama (@CFamaWBZ) reports

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