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Community Health Centers provide safe and affordable care in South Los Angeles

Black and brown people have among the lowest COVID-19 booster vaccination rates. Southside Coalition of Community Health Centers clinics are located in several South Los Angeles neighborhoods and provide both vaccines and boosters. They are also available to answer questions about vaccines, tests, and other health-related questions. (Getty Images)

With clinics throughout South Los Angeles, Inglewood, Compton and more, the Southside Coalition of Community Health Centersraises a unified voice for the health care needs of South Los Angeles.

The coalition, established in 2004, is now a network of eight federally licensed health centers(FQHC), representing more than 50 community and school health clinics serving the South Los Angeles area.

Southside Coalition Community Health Centers have been at the forefront of helping members of the black and brown community get vaccinated and protected against COVID-19 and protect themselves and their families against serious illnesses that can impact overall health and ability to work. Southside Coalition member clinics have provided COVID-19 vaccines and tests since both became available, which is especially convenient for community members who may need to get tested regularly to travel to their location. of work.

Watts Healthcare Corporation operates several community clinics in South Los Angeles (file photo)

In some cases, Southside Coalition health centers have partnered with schools, churches, and faith-based organizations to hold vaccination clinics directly in the neighborhoods where they are located, such as the following recent pop-up clinics:

  • Crenshaw Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Medicine Magnet – clinic run byTHE health and wellness centres;
  • George Washington Preparatory High – clinic operated by St. John’s Community Health.

“Our church is pleased to partner with St. John’s Community Health Clinic to bring COVID-19 vaccines and testing directly to our congregation,” said Pastor Alvin Tunstill, Jr., of the Baptist Church. Trinity in Los Angeles, adding, “We are so happy to be here supporting our families with the resources needed to help keep our communities healthy.

“As the fourth booster vaccine is now available and regulations are easing in many of our neighborhoods, black and brown communities still have some of the highest case rates of COVID-19. But according to the data, our recall rates are low. Getting a booster shot is an important step to consider, especially for the elderly and those with chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma and more,” said Andrea Williams, MPA, Executive Director, Southside Coalition of Community Health Centers.

At Southside Coalition clinics, Black and Latinx doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare workers are ready and available to answer questions about vaccines, tests, and other health-related questions.

“With eight leading health centers and more than 50 locations, all located in your neighborhood, we make it easy and simple to take action to protect you and your family by getting vaccinated and boosted,” added Williams. .

Formake an appointment to get the COVID-19 vaccine or a booster at a clinic, call(213) 221-2463. For more information,visit the Southside Coalition of Community Health Centers website

The eight community health centers are:

  • Health Eisner: clinics in downtown Los Angeles and Lynwood.
  • South-Central Family Health Center:clinics in South Los Angeles, Cudahy, Huntington Park, Vernon.
  • Watts Healthcare Corporation:clinics in Watts and Crenshaw.
  • St. John’s Community Health:clinic locations in areas such as South Los Angeles, Crenshaw, Compton, East Compton, Lynwood.
  • THE health and wellness centres:clinics in South Los Angeles, Inglewood, Crenshaw, Lennox.
  • Community Clinic UMMA (University Muslim Medical Association):South Los Angeles clinics.
  • Downtown Community Health Center:South Los Angeles clinics.
  • Venice Family Clinic:clinics in Carson, Gardena and Inglewood.

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