Greene secured funding to address community health needs

CARROLLTON — The Greene County Health Department has received more than $400,000 in grants to respond to the findings of a community needs assessment.

The Illinois project’s needs assessment in Greene County prioritized access to healthy food, mental health, substance use prevention, and recreational activities as the most most important to the health of the county.

“Our goal is to bring about the effect of improving the public health of our community by focusing our efforts on preventing disease and disparities,” said Molly Peters, Public Health Administrator for Greene County.

“Public health is about more than ensuring access to health care, immunization rates and assessing causes of death or disease,” she said. to thrive and help improve community environments such as walking trails to encourage healthy lifestyles.

Peters also said the Greene County Health Department is looking for staff members, including a chief financial officer, a personal health services registered nurse and a community engagement specialist.

“The entire Greene County community is making a strategic effort through many organizations and community leaders to bring about positive change,” Peters said. “This will have a big impact on the health of the Greene County community and it is very encouraging to be a part of it.”

Ron Sprong, Community Health Manager, is also a Mental Health First Aid Instructor and Peer Recovery Specialist. The Community Health Division will be expanded to focus efforts related to substance abuse prevention and treatment.

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