Local News: Input Wanted for Community Health Needs Assessment (08/29/22)

Putnam County needs the help of its citizens to assess how to meet their health needs.

The Putnam County Health Department and Putnam County Hospital are currently conducting the 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment to examine ways in which health care providers in Putnam County can improve their capacity and expand their ability to provide high quality services.

The Department of Health and PCH partnered with DePauw University seniors Brandon Collins and Seelye Stoffregen to carry out this assessment.

Together, they put together a survey so members of the public can participate and relay the needs they see in the Putnam County community.

“This assessment gives a voice to every member of the community who participates,” said Putnam County Health Officer Dr. Adam Amos. “Our goal is to capture the most accurate state of health care in our county.”

The survey can be accessed by scanning the included QR code or by visiting https://forms.gle/EcaKC4q3rjACNSiW9.

This brief questionnaire will help identify strengths and weaknesses in the current health status of the community.

“The community health needs assessment plays a critical role in determining the current health status, needs and resources of the community,” said Putnam County Hospital CEO Dennis Weatherford. “I hope that key stakeholder groups and residents of Putnam County will participate in this project. Only through active community engagement can we develop a comprehensive plan to improve community health and best meet the health needs of our residents.

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