Middlesex County launches Community Health Team to increase access to resources

The new Middlesex County Community Health Team is an on-the-ground campaign that includes door-to-door, telephone and text messaging to provide information directly to residents at home on all available resources and programs by the county.

The Middlesex County Board of Commissioners, in partnership with the Office of Health Services, Department of Community Services and other county departments and offices, has launched the service, which will include COVID-19 vaccines and testing, telehealth, emergency rental assistance, REPLENISHMENT, MCAT, and more.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how limited access to county resources, including general health and wellness programs, can have a devastating effect on our community,” said the board director. County Commissioners Ronald G. Rios in a prepared statement. “On our road to recovery, the county is offering a variety of services and programs that go beyond COVID-19 resources to better serve our community and bring us another step closer to strengthening long-term health. of our county. Our goal now is to ensure that every county resident is aware of these resources and knows how to access them. Through their door-to-door efforts, the Community Health Team will help make this a reality.

“With COVID-19 highlighting recent trends in health and wellbeing, the Middlesex County Board of Commissioners understands how vital our role is in ensuring our communities take a proactive approach in when it comes to healthy living,” said the deputy manager of Middlesex County Council. County commissioners Shanti Narra said in the statement. “The County, in partnership with key leaders in the health sector, recognizes that many of our initiatives related to the COVID-19 pandemic and social services require direct outreach to residents. And while engaging hard-to-reach communities on a large scale has been a challenge in the past, the Middlesex County Community Health Team will help break down barriers by providing access to valuable care information and insights. where they are most needed and focusing on bilingual awareness. Needs.”

“The Middlesex County Community Health Team is a comprehensive effort to provide door-to-door community information directly to residents about vital health and community services provided by the county,” said County Commissioner Claribel. Azcona-Barber in the release. “As a key part of this initiative, we encourage everyone in our Middlesex County community to get involved and reach out if you need help related to COVID-19, healthcare and wellbeing. , housing, employment or food with a member of our Community Health Team. ”

Although this is a county-wide initiative, the Middlesex County Community Health Team will begin operations in New Brunswick and Perth Amboy.

In addition to raising awareness and educating residents about the health resources offered by the county, this initiative will connect multicultural families on a more personal level by prioritizing bilingual communication to ensure they receive support and a relief.

The Middlesex County Community Health Team will be going door-to-door daily throughout the county from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. starting February 9.

Employees will be accredited with identification badges as the “Middlesex Community Health Team” and wear bright neon safety vests while working in the community.

Members of this team will wear masks and observe proper social distancing protocols while engaging residents, according to the release.

For more information on the Middlesex County Community Health Team visit middlesexcountynj.gov/communityhealth.

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