Network of rural community health workers to help 200 families

Photo by Tess De Gayner

Community health workers are on the front line helping individuals, families and groups connect to needed health and social services resources, navigate complexity and overcome obstacles. A project for rural communities will dedicate specialist support with help from DuPont.

“Currently, our rural communities are geographically disconnected from vital resources that help stabilize general well-being,” said President Shannon Lijewski. “For families living a paycheck away from a crisis, the flooding on top of Covid 19 has brought added complexity. We are grateful to DuPont for helping us meet these unmet needs.

The Rural Community Health Worker Network’s CORE project is now able to help an additional 200 families with specialized support through navigating resources and building a path to self-sufficiency with support from DuPont. Their generous nomination and the $4,000 grant will be used to help community members connect to needed resources and overcome barriers.

Community health workers (CHWs) provide invaluable resources to their communities. They are links, health promoters, wellness liaisons and more.

The CORE project uses a person-centered, wellness-focused model to deploy a community health worker to underserved areas. Use a roadmap with standardized tools that allow community organizations to meet people where they are. The model is expected to stimulate individuals’ self-management of the social determinants of health, improve the ability of community organizations to identify root causes, while at the same time collaboratively building a local system focused on well-being. be of the individual and the community.

Interested community members can contact CORE Project by phone at 989-488-6697 or by email at to learn more. For more information on CORE, please visit

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