Oakland Community Health Network Recognizes Men’s Health Month – The Oakland Press

June is globally recognized as Men’s Health Month, with Monday June 13 starting Men’s Health Week. Throughout the week and month, Oakland Community Health Network promotes awareness of men’s mental health through its social media platforms.

Men’s Mental Health Month and Week aims to raise awareness of preventable mental and physical health issues. This observance also encourages early detection and treatment of illnesses in men and boys.

“It’s very important that men are made aware of the connection between their mental health and their physical health,” says OCHN Executive Director and CEO Dana Lasenby. “Understanding the relationship between the two hopefully inspires men to seek out behavioral health support when needed as a strategy to promote their overall well-being as well.”

In 2020, suicide was among the nine leading causes of death for people aged 10 to 64, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Men have a suicide rate 3.7 times higher than women.

Studies show that men also have higher rates of other mental health issues and cardiovascular disease.

In recognition of men’s health, June 17, the Friday before Father’s Day, is designated as Wear Blue Day.

To learn more, visit menshealthmonth.org. Resources are available in multiple languages.

For more information on public mental health services, visit www.oaklandchn.org or call Access at 248-464-6363. For crisis services, call the Crisis and Resources Helpline at 800-231-1127.

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