Poteet Community Health Center welcomes new patients


Conveniently located at 8555 Texas Hwy. 16 in Poteet, the staff of the Poteet Community Health Center are ready to serve you. The team of Dr. Abraham Alecozay, MD, PhD and Jeremy Means, Family Nurse Practitioner, is available to meet your healthcare needs.

Poteet Community Health Center is your primary health care clinic. Part of Atascosa Health Center Inc., their providers and staff know community resources and make referrals when needed. They work hard to provide all of their patients with the care they need in a comfortable environment.

Poteet Community Health Center sees everyone, regardless of income level. They accept all major insurances and also offer a sliding scale discount program for underinsured and uninsured patients.

Dr. Abraham Alecozay

Dr. Alzecozay’s background includes 34 years of practice as an OBGYN and two years as an emergency physician.

In 1974 he came to San Antonio from Afghanistan. He graduated from the University of the Incarnate Word, earning a bachelor’s degree in biology. He then got his master’s degree in biophysics and then went to El Paso to get his master’s degree in immunology.

Jeremy Means, Family Nurse Practitioner

Jeremy Means, Family Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Alecozay earned his MD and PhD in Endocrinology from Texas Tech University in Lubbock. He completed his residency at the University of Kansas for his OBGYN residency. He did his Fellowship in Reproduction and Endocrinology Research at UT-San Antonio. He also did a fellowship at MD Anderson for oncology, medical oncology and gynecology.

Prior to working at Poteet Community Health Center, Dr. Alecozay worked in cancer hospitals and family medicine. He has been practicing gynecology and family medicine at the Poteet Community Health Center since its opening in October 2021.

He now lives in Poteet, having lived there for almost 30 years.

Dr. Alecozay specializes in women’s health and wellness exams. He noted that there is no charge for health checks, regardless of the patient’s health insurance status. It also treats abnormal Pap smears and abnormal uterine bleeding. With his background in endocrinology, he also sees many patients with diabetes and hypertension. He also practices surgery at Mission Trail Hospital in San Antonio.

Dr. Alecozay spoke about the importance of having a center in Poteet. Before it opened, he spoke to Mayor of Poteet Willie Leal (mayor at the time) about the revitalization of the center, who was extremely supportive.

“Finally in October, as you know, we opened the clinic. My ambition is to grow and attract more people from Poteet and Pleasanton,” said Dr Alecozay. “They don’t have to go to San Antonio with a clinic here. Also, I have a wonderful nurse practitioner here.

He is extremely grateful to the CEO of Atascosa Health Center, Monty Small, and the AHC Board of Directors, as they were the ones who made it possible for the building to open.

He also thanks Congressman Henry Cuellar for the grant presented at the opening in October.

He loves the medical field not for the money, but for the help it can offer others.

“It’s an open field for me. It’s about, what can I do for the patient? This is the most important,” said Dr. Alecozay. “And Mr. Small is very cooperative with me. He always asks what is best for the patient.

In his spare time, Dr. Alecozay enjoys riding and raising horses.

“I love horses and I have 18 of them. I live on a farm and I also have goats and chickens.

Dr Alecozay said one of his biggest supporters is his daughter, Samantha, who took a law degree and graduated at the top of her class. She is now engaged and has her own law firm.

Jeremy Means, Family Nurse Practitioner

Jeremy Means grew up in nearby Floresville. After graduating, he joined the army and served in the 82nd Airborne Division. He also joined the National Guard and started classes at San Antonio College. He attended UTSA and later earned his Masters in Nursing at UTSA Health Science Center.

He did his clinics in Floresville and Karnes City. He notably worked in Three Rivers and in Floresville.

Means explained that family nurse practitioners are supervised by a doctor who checks their records monthly. FNPs also do not have the privilege of prescribing drugs such as hydrocodone.

“Doctors follow a medical model and ours is more of a nursing model. Really, the difference is that we have a holistic approach to healthcare and they track, diagnose and treat the disease process,” Means said.

Like Dr. Alecozay, Means has worked at Poteet Community Health Center since it opened last October. He sees patients of all ages for a wide range of issues.

“The growth and development of the child is very important. Mental health is too,” Means said.

“With the holistic approach, we don’t just look at the disease. We look at the whole person and diagnose based on that. We want to treat people physically, emotionally and spiritually.

He was drawn to the medical field because he loves helping people. He also likes to stay active and busy.

“I was a combat lifesaver and a certified EMT. Once I left the military, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field,” Means said.

As a Christian, he believes it is his job to serve people first.

“Love them and put them before me. Compassion is very important and understanding where the individual is coming from. Not everyone has the same options and resources,” Means said.

He is delighted to be in Poteet and has an affinity for small towns, as he grew up in one too.

“It’s not just about treating the patient, but it’s also about creating a healthy environment for the Poteet community.”

Means has two beautiful daughters who are her life: Kayla, 12, and Sabrina, 10. He loves spending time with his children. His hobbies include fishing, hiking and travelling.

Schedule an appointment

The Poteet Community Health Center is open Monday, Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Dr. Alecozay sees patients on Tuesday and Wednesday, while Jeremy Means sees patients on Monday, Thursday and Friday.

They welcome new patients and walk-ins. To make an appointment, call Poteet’s office at 830-742-9070.

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