Teller County Public Health and Environment Promotes 2022 Community Health Assessment

Teller County Public Health and Environment (TCPHE) is excited to announce the promotion of their 2022 Community Health Assessment (CHA). In Colorado, all local public health agencies (LPHA) are required to conduct a community health assessment every five years, which is used to create a five-year public health improvement plan (PHIP). Plans are reviewed and approved by our local Board of Health (BOH). The Community Health Assessment examines the current health status and needs of our community.

In 2017, TCPHE completed a community health assessment and plan that prioritized mental health (including suicide), substance use and abuse, injury and violence, and to access to care. Although some progress has been made in these areas, some areas still urgently need improvement. We ask for community engagement and collaboration with our community partners regarding the current state of Teller County’s health and environment and the areas our community should prioritize in 2023-2027.

We encourage everyone in the community to take the time to complete our anonymous, community-wide survey to help us identify priority health needs and understand how to make Teller County a healthier place to thrive. To access the survey, enter this in your browser: or scan the QR code at the bottom of this article. If you do not have internet access, feel free to contact Teller County Public Health & Environment to complete a hard copy.

In addition to the community-wide survey, TCPHE, in collaboration with the Colorado School of Public Health (CSPH) and the OMNI Institute, will collect data through various resources to prioritize health needs and environmental issues. in our community. This process will involve our key community leaders, community health and social service sources. Our community will have many ways to participate in this process.

COVID-19 has been prioritized as a public health issue for the majority of the past two years. The pandemic continues to strain an already weakened health system. We can do our part and help alleviate this pressure by implementing preventative health measures and interventions. TCPHE will continue to rely on a reputable presence in our community. We will not neglect to prioritize other public health issues in Teller County. We value and welcome people of all ages, genders, races, religions, cultures and socio-economic status. Our mission is to prevent disease and to protect and promote the health and environment of the residents of Teller County by providing quality health programs and services. Join TCPHE to protect your health and embrace your future. Be a part of treating the root of health and wellness and join TCPHE with our mission to promote Live in the mountains healthily!

Take the survey using the QR code below

Let’s move forward together!

For more information please contact:

Michelle Wolff WHNP-BC, Director

Karissa Larsen RN-MSN, Public Health Nurse III and CHA Project Coordinator

Teller County Public Health and Environment


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