Under-Served Health Resources (USHR) Officially Launches First Community Campaign

Des Moines, IA, September 30, 2022 – (PR.com) – After two years of careful planning, Des Moines-based Underserved Health Resources (USHR) is officially launching its first local campaign to positively impact disparities health related to COVID-19 and other chronic diseases. USHR, a 501c3 nonprofit organization with an experienced Board of Directors of six volunteers, aims to fill a void in health care by improving health care delivery and outcomes for underserved populations. served. Funded by a grant from the Iowa Department of Public Health, the initial campaigns are targeting community education on COVID-19 bivalent booster and faith-based organizations to address vaccine hesitancy among marginalized urban populations.

“Equitable care advocates now have a go-to organization to advance health equity. USHR brings a unique approach in collaborating with communities and connecting people with chronic conditions to advanced, low-cost, and free sources of health care,” said Tom Hamilton, Board Member of the USHR. USHR. “We then recommend the cutting-edge technology needed to improve healthcare delivery and harness data that lowers healthcare costs for partners, providers and payers.”

USHR connects medically underserved communities to better health care through education and technology. Acting as expert facilitators, USHR helps community organizations and health clinic funding reach disproportionate urban populations through education on the use of telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and health care services. remote health. They also focus on increasing individual self-advocacy and literacy in health care settings, as well as addressing misconceptions about health. Through the generous support of donations and grants, USHR ultimately strives to advance health equity to improve the health, happiness, and livelihoods of communities.

“The USHR is a game-changer for federal and state agencies, foundations, and other philanthropic enterprises committed to advancing health equity for underserved communities. The USHR opens up a new realm of opportunity , enabling underserved patient populations to be easily treated from the comfort of their homes through innovative care techniques,” said Dr. Mary Pat Wohlford, USHR Board Member. Federal and state organizations, foundations and other philanthropic enterprises now have a health advocate who can make an immediate impact on the community, whether through education or connections to low-cost, no-cost treatments.”

USHR’s mission is to improve health care services for medically underserved populations while increasing health care delivery options for providers and their patients. This will be accomplished through the education of health care services that leverage modern technologies to increase access for the underserved population. Through the USHR, additional funds will be injected into local communities to bring innovative health tools to keep communities happy and healthy, while reducing the costs of health services.

If you would like more information on this topic or are interested in improving the health of your local community through innovation, please contact USHR Board Member Tom Hamilton at telehealthfirst@gmail.com.

About Underserved Health Resources (USHR)
Based in Des Moines, IA, USHR is a nonprofit organization that connects medically underserved communities and disproportionate populations to better health care through education and technology. Seeking to fill gaps in health care and technology for local community organizations, USHR aims to advance health equity and achieve better health outcomes for the underserved population. USHR is governed by an experienced board of six volunteers.

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