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  • Colorado Plains Medical Center hosts the exhibition of Community Health “Home Run for Health” Saturday, April 9. (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

  • CPMC Rehab/Physical Therapy employees provide free chiropractic consultations and adjustments. (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

  • Representatives of the specialized clinics CPMC answer questions about the services they offer. (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

  • A veteran welcomes a guest Awareness booth and suicide prevention Veterans (HPS). (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

  • The CPMC laboratory is on site at the health fair and offers low cost blood tests. (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

  • People who participated in early blood tests before the health fair can discuss their results with a professional. (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

  • A guest at the CPMC Birthing Center booth (OB/Labor/Delivery) enters a raffle to win a basket full of baby-friendly items. (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

  • Representatives from Medicare Peace of Mind, a local insurance company in Fort Morgan, talk with guests at their stand. (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

  • Lincare, a company that provides respiratory care at home, has a continuous positive airway pressure device (CPAP), a gift and oxygen tank on his stand. (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

  • Sierra McKinney (pink) of the Resource Center A Caring Pregnancy northeastern Colorado has activity “decorate a onesie” on its stand. (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

  • Nancy Holman (right, seated) Castle Dermatology provides information on dermatology and free screenings of skin cancer at the health fair. (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

  • One mobile vaccination clinics in the health department of northeast Colorado is parked outside the Fort Morgan Fieldhouse Saturday, April 9 during the hours of the health fair. (Katie Roth / Fort Morgan Times)

The Colorado Plains Medical Center (CPMC) hosted its 19th Annual Community Health Fair on Saturday, April 9 from 7-11 a.m. at Fort Morgan Fieldhouse. Because health includes physical, mental and social well-being, 55 different stands were able to participate in the fair, which this year had the theme “Home Run for Health”.

Over 450 community members attended the morning event, visiting booths offering various screenings and free health services and getting more information on community resources and upcoming events. Some screenings and free services included consultations and chiropractic adjustments, CPR training, smoothie samples, screenings of skin cancer and training for the installation of car seats for babies.

The CPMC laboratory had also set up a station to provide blood tests at low cost. Blood tests they could perform included: CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Profile) with lipid TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), PSA (Prostate Screening Antigen), A1C (Diabetes Screening). No appointment or insurance was required to participate.

During the week before the show of health, blood samples were taken early in the WACC from 6 am to 8 pm. People who participated in these early samples blood could review their results with a professional at the health fair. Throughout the week, a total of 478 people took advantage of the blood draw services.

Parked outside the Fieldhouse was one of the Northeastern Colorado Health Department’s mobile vaccination clinics, which provided free COVID-19 and flu shots.

Because the event was organized by CMPC, there were numerous interdepartmental kiosks included in the fair. CMPC is not just a hospital with an emergency room, but it also houses specialized services for a variety of needs. These departments included: CMPC Radiology / Bone density / Imaging, CPMC Specialty Clinic, CPMC OB / Labor / Delivery, CPMC Infection Control, CPMC Human Resources, CPMC Cardiac / Hands-on CPR CPMC Dietary, CPMC Pharmacy CPMC Home Health, CPMC booth registration / admission, CPMC Medical Records, CPMC Surgery / Ortho, CPMC Ask a Doc / CP Medical Group, CPMC 5210 / Healthy Kids, CPMC Rehab / Physical Therapy, Wound Care CMPC, CMPC Lab. The ambulance service of the Morgan County MedSurg / Advanced Directives and the Women’s Clinic of the Plains were also included, among others.

Colorado Plains Medical Center would like to thank all organizations and external sponsors who made this event a success.

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