Governor Evers Provides Funding for Mental Health Resources to Wisconsin Schools | Our Children in Crisis: A Mental Health Emergency

STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WAOW) — The COVID-19 pandemic has brought student mental health issues to the forefront, and Governor Tony Evers has announced a new program aimed at giving students the support they need. need.

“A child in crisis will not be able to pay attention in school, complete homework, or engage meaningfully with friends or teachers.” Governor Evers said at a press conference at Stevens Point Area High School.

Adolescent mental health has been called a crisis and a national emergency.

“Then because otherwise we’re only talking about students who are barely doing when we know they can do better with help.” said Governor Evers.

That’s why Governor Evers is giving $15 million in grants to schools in Wisconsin.

“We need to ensure that our students can perform at their best in the classroom and in their studies.” Evers said.

This includes Stevens Point, which received a check for just under $105,000 in funding for mental health support and resources.

“I’m so looking forward to working with the district to determine how best to maintain and expand some of the supports to better provide access for all of our students and families to get the help they need so they can truly learn and get the most out of their education.” said Aimee Burazin, a psychiatrist at Stevens Point Area High School.

She said this funding will help break down the barriers that many families face when it comes to mental health treatment.

“To remove some of the barriers that students and families face when trying to get the support they so desperately need.” said Bourazine.

The school district has not yet determined the details of the resources the funds will provide, but they plan to include students in this conversation.

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