Mental Health Resources Help OCPS Focus on Student Success

ORLANDO, Florida— Orange County Public School leaders put mental health center stage at Tuesday’s board meeting, offering a framework for additional help in the 2022-23 year. .

What do you want to know

  • Tuesday night’s Orange County Public Schools Board meeting focused on supporting students with mental health resources
  • As part of a new initiative, there will now be full-time social worker positions at all high schools, colleges and K-8 schools
  • Each school will also have a mental health representative who will facilitate collaboration with all members of the student services team.

When it comes to the topic of mental health, OCPS leaders said the primary focus is to support students.

This year, they said the goal was to improve students’ self-management skills, in order to succeed in the classroom. They also want to increase mental health services for students who need them.

The framework for this year is to increase the number of social workers, mental health counselors and psychologists in county schools.

“It’s been an incredible lift, it’s been an incredible time, and we’re excited to provide more support for our students,” Superintendent Maria F. Vazquez said.

This move is something leaders say has been in the works for some time, and as part of the plan, each school will also have a mental health delegate who will facilitate collaboration with all members of the student services team. .

District leaders said they hope to continue on this trajectory by adding more support staff to keep students safe.

“I’m so glad this goes so far in helping our children in our schools in our community,” said District 3 Board Member Linda Kobert. our technicians to know what services are available”,

The school district also has a list of mental health resources posted on the OCPS website, which includes signs parents can look for if they think their child is in trouble.

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